For many, these back-to-basics activities are the highlight

Softball & Volleyball Ranch staff and guests all join in for a true American pastime in an iconic American setting. There’s something so wonderfully simple about it, just like those carefree games of childhood. Horseshoes We do go through a lot of horseshoes around here, but for this game we have regulation setups and pitching shoes. Those who’ve never tried it often get hooked on this fun game. Swimming A dip in the swimming pool is the perfect addition to a summer day. Ours is mountain stream fed, so it’s cool and refreshing, and has the added benefit of million-dollar mountain views. Square dancing On a 100+ year-old ranch, you better believe we pay tribute to the forms of entertainment from the pre-digital age. You’ll look forward to the Saturday night square dance in the barn hayloft, just as folks did in the early days of ranching and homesteading in this valley.

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