What to Bring on your Dude Ranch Vacation

Clothing: There can be big temperature changes throughout the day and in the evening, so comfortable clothing you can layer is recommended. Most opt for blue jeans and a few different weights of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and a sweater or lightweight fleece. Bring a rain jacket or slicker just in case. For evenings, it’s strictly informal, so casual or Western wear is just right.

Horseback Riding: We require cowboy boots for riding. Leather gloves and a bandana are a good idea, too.

Outdoors: Bring sunscreen, lip balm and a wide-brimmed hat.

Fishing: Bring your own gear if you have it. Whatever you don’t have, wait to buy from local fly fishing outfitters when you get here, especially when it comes to flies – it’s good to go to the locals since they can advise you best on what you need for the water you want to fish. If you’re just giving fly fishing a try, you can borrow items from our fishing guide and buy a few basics from our Ranch Trading Post. Fishing licenses and flies appropriate for local waters are also available at the ranch.

Camera: A must.

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