Specialty Weeks – Quilting Week

The art of quilting is woven into the history of the West. Our annual Montana Cowgirl Quilt Retreat celebrates what was originally a functional art form when people settled on the frontier

For 25 years we’ve welcomed international quilting artists to the ranch each fall. Attendees draw inspiration from classes, the magnificent mountain setting and each other.Featured international quilting teachers Charlotte Warr Andersen and Georgia Bonesteel lead classes and design a pattern each year inspired by the ranch.

When not sewing, quilters ride horses, hike, fish and relax in the quiet beauty of the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch.We reserve one day for our traditional “quilt crawl,” a fiber-fabric-antique equivalent of a pub crawl. Most evenings people mingle in the lodge to continue quilting.This week is adults only, although non-quilting partners are welcome and they’ll find plenty of activities at the ranch to keep them occupied while quilters take classes and sew.

Join for this year’s retreat, September 6 – 13, 2020.

The rate for double-occupancy for 2020 will be $2,630 per person; single occupancy rate is $3,095.


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