Specialty Weeks – Photography Week

Experience the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch during our specialty Photography Week.  We are situated 15 miles from the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, surrounded by 2 million acres of wilderness.  The scenery is unrivaled. For this special Photography week, our professional photographer will work with our guests refining their skills behind the lens.  Whether you are interested in photographing the eclipse, wildflowers, wildlife or ranch life, there is no better place to spend a week honing your technical skills. 

Professional photographer, Levi Sim, will join us for the week to teach you the tips and techniques to improve your photography abilities. You then can practice those skills whether capturing the views from the front porch or horseback riding on our miles of trails chasing light or looking for animals.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse will occur on August 21st – the second day of Photography Week.  We will be driving to the Tetons to capture a plain view of the total solar eclipse and the Tetons in the same lens.

Located in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, we also have easy access to Yellowstone National Park for photo field trips, but we also see many of the same animals you’ll find in the Park, roaming on the ranch. Evenings will provide opportunities for critiques, slide shows and lessons in photo editing.

Week Dates: Aug 20th to 26nd, 2017


Adult 15+Single$2,600 eachWeekly
Adult 15+Double$2,160 eachWeekly

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