Montana Dude Ranch Activities

Focus on the things that matter

Get ready to unwind. Our Montana dude ranch activities connect you to the best in nature that Big Sky Country can offer.

No matter how much your skyline changes at home, the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Yellowstone, and our rugged mountains never change. That's a good thing.

What could be more relaxing than aromatherapy of pine, sage, and wildflower meadows mixed with a tinge of hay and supple leather?

Or more invigorating than watching a herd of elk or hooking a trout on a dry fly?

Out here, you're free to focus on the little things that really matter. Get ready for a wild, rejuvenating adventure.

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Ever swam in a pond that's fed by a mountain stream?

You couldn't ask for a cooler, cleaner water source to make the perfect swimming hole.

Our pond provides million-dollar mountain views and a place to relax with the kids while enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Montana Dude Ranch Activities


You're in for a treat if you're a hiker.

The ranch is positioned a short drive away from trailheads in the stunning Madison and Gallatin Ranges.

A few beautiful hikes are even accessible right from the ranch itself.

Wildflowers, mountain meadows, and incredible destinations like Taylor Falls and Lizard Lake are calling.

Will you answer?

Montana Dude Ranch Activities

Happy Hour

All the hours here are happy, but you know what we mean...

Kick back in a rustic atmosphere and get to know other ranch guests as interesting as you are.

All while the kids are busy eating their early dinner.

We provide the ice and mixers, you bring the bottle of your choice.

Beer and wine may be purchased at the ranch store.

Montana Dude Ranch Activities

Square Dancing

Don't be shy!

Some ranch guests jump right in while others are slow on the draw.

But the square dance in the barn hayloft gets people of all ages stomping and laughing together.

A fitting tribute to the entertainment of the pre-digital age, the Friday night square dance is something you should look forward to all week.

Montana Dude Ranch Activities


Friday at the corral, parents and kids can participate in gymkhana, or games on horseback.

It’s a fun way for kids to try out new riding skills, and get to spend more time with parents along with their horse buddies.

Softball, volleyball, and horseshoes are available anytime.