Dude Ranches in Montana

Over a Century of Western Hospitality

Experience traditions in place since 1912.

Homesteaders settled the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch just outside Yellowstone National Park in the late 1800s as more people became drawn to the area.

In 1912, the Butler family from Chicago consolidated early homesteads to create Nine Quarter Circle. The working horse ranch has welcomed travelers and introduced them to the ways of the West ever since.

More than 2 million acres of national forest surround this ranch sited at 7,000 feet, making it an ideal place to experience a world of contrasts.

Solitude or camaraderie, outdoor adventures or quiet reflection, tiny wildflowers and big wildlife, spring fed mountain streams and roaring blue ribbon rivers.

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch has hosted countless stories since ancient Native Americans first hunted here.

Will yours be the next great story? 

Three Generations of Kelseys at the Nine Quarter Circle

Experience one family's strong commitment to a friendlier, simpler bygone era. It's the reason sturdy, timeless 1920s era buildings are still in use at the ranch today.

It's also why the Kelsey family began building a herd of exclusive horses, all bred, born, raised, and trained on the ranch, beginning in the 1950s.

And it's why the many generations passing through the ranch have experienced the same genuine ranch customs of mealtime, work, and outdoor recreation.

Dude Ranches in Montana

Generation One

Howard Kelsey purchased the ranch in 1946.

Coming from pioneer stock, he remained committed to the simplicity and beauty of the ranch lifestyle, and loved the opportunity to share it with others.

He started the ranch's exclusive appaloosa herd and entrenched the pleasant customs that remain in place at the ranch today.

Generation Two

Howard Kelsey's son Kim Kelsey and his wife Kelly took the reins of the ranch years later.

While introducing their own spin on the ranch, they held fast to the dude ranching traditions that meant so much to their family.

Their children Kameron, Konnor, and Kyleen grew up learning, working and helping at the ranch. Kameron has now taken the reins as the third generation to carry on the Kelsey tradition.

Dude Ranches in Montana
History of Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Montana

Generation Three

Kameron and his wife Sally now run the ranch. And though first names have changed, the same enduring Kelsey customs and Western hospitality live on.

You'll feel like part of the Kelsey family in no time.

Anna, the fourth generation to be raised at the ranch, will keep the legacy going and adds young life to the ranch.