Yellowstone Vacation

Home cooking? We wouldn't dream of anything else.

Rush toward the sound of the dinner bell three times a day. What awaits you is worth a little burst of speed. Juicy prime rib sourced locally. Fresh salads. Homemade biscuits.

The fresh, fun meals give you something to look forward to during every activity. And trust us, you'll be working up quite the appetite with all the ranch activities...

What's on the Menu



Cooked-to-order breakfast from a wide variety of fresh and filling foods to start your day in the saddle with a hearty smile on your face.

Expect eggs, breakfast meats, oatmeal, cereals, fruit, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and more.



Scrumptious soups and hearty, filling sandwiches. Bread with homemade jam. Light salads to keep it all fresh. To-die-for desserts for something fun to anticipate with every meal.

Kids eat with their friends during the lunch hour while adults enjoy conversation just tables away.



You say potato? We say meat and potatoes. Succulent meals tie each day together with the hearty home cooking you expect from a dude ranch.

Come hungry and complement your meal with salad and dessert. Adults enjoy happy hour while kids eat their dinner, and adults eat later while kids burn off more energy.

Meals for Kids. Meals for Adults.

Let your children go first at lunch and dinner while you get to know other ranch guests during Happy Hour.

"We were worried about having our family split at meal times with the kids eating at a different table. But that only helped us meet all the amazing people who were at the ranch with us. " - Kim H.

Yellowstone Vacation

Children's Dining

Let the little buckaroos eat dinner with new friends while you enjoy some adult time at happy hour with the other amazing guests at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch each day. Family seating available for all three meals a day if preferred.

Adult's Dining

Happy hour precedes each dinner, and we make sure to shuffle the seating arrangements so you have more chances to get to know other guests and form lifelong friendships that the guest ranch experience is known for.

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