All-Inclusive. You Just Bring the Essentials.

Montana Dude Ranch Vacation

Go ahead. Pack light. We'll take care of the rest.

Your Montana dude ranch vacation is pretty simple.

With us taking care of all the food and activities, you'll wonder why it's so much harder packing for other vacations forever more.

You will want to bring proper layers, because the mountain weather can shift from cold to hot to cold again in a hurry.

Check below for the essential guest ranch packing list.

What to Bring

Blue Jeans: Great for riding and downright comfortable under any circumstances.

T-Shirts & Western wear: Short sleeves for the heat of the day and long sleeves for layering and sun protection.

Sweater or lightweight fleece: Another layering essential to keep you warm.

Rain jacket or slicker: Storms are rare and usually pass quickly, but just in case...

Evening Wear: Dress policy is strictly informal. Most prefer casual Western wear.

Cowboy Boots: Required for all riding, cowboy boots are a must on the dude ranch.

Leather Gloves & Bandana: Gloves to hold the reins and bandana to rein in the dust.

Sunscreen, lip balm, & a wide brimmed hat: The sun works quick at 7,000 feet.

Fly Fishing Gear

Bring your own gear if you have it, but we have loaner equipment if you don't. Whatever you don’t have, wait to buy from local fly fishing outfitters when you get here, especially when it comes to flies.

It’s good to go to the locals since they can advise you best on what you need for the water you want to fish.

If you’re just giving fly fishing a try, you can borrow items from our fishing guide and buy a few basics from our Ranch Trading Post. Fishing licenses and flies appropriate for local waters are also available at the ranch.

Camera: A must.

People are always amazed at the amount of stunning sights they see at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch.

From horses kicking up golden dust clouds in the evening light to skylined packstrings you could envision as a painting.

From the wildlife that Yellowstone is known for to the new friends you'll make during your Montana dude ranch getaway.

Trust us, you'll want to be ready with that camera like a cowboy shooting from the hip.