Montana Dude Ranch family

One family bringing tradition to many

The ranch’s current chapter began in 1945 when Howard Kelsey purchased it. Coming from long-time pioneer families, he was committed to the wonderful simplicity and beauty of the ranch lifestyle, and loved the opportunity to share it with others. It’s why he preserved 1920s-era buildings that are still in use today. Why he began building a herd of exclusive horses, all bred, born, raised and trained on the ranch. And why he passed on all the old, genuine ranch customs of mealtime, work and outdoor recreation to his own family.


His son Kim Kelsey and his wife Kelly later took over the reins, holding fast to the traditions that meant so much to their family. Their children Kameron, Konnor and Kyleen grew up learning, working and helping at the ranch and now, as young adults, are still part of the Kelsey welcome.


So while that one family has carried the ranch into a new millennium, guests very often say it’s a place where time stands still.

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