Summer in Yellowstone: Fun on a Montana Dude Ranch

Winter is slowly creeping in here at the ranch, reminding us that another season has come and gone. This past season was wonderful–thank you to the friends and family of the Nine Quarter Circle for another wonderful summer!

The 2018 season was a memorable one. The season was filled with fun and adventure – from little ones playing in the sandbox, to rough riders gaining skills on horseback, to our many all-day horseback rides and pack trips. The mountains, horses and wildlife make the Taylor Fork a special place, but sharing it with you all is the most special part of all.  As the year comes to a close, we will be thinking about our visits with old friends and the many new friends we made this year.
Some of our highlights for the 2018 season included the 33 kids we had during the week of 4th of July – what a fun week for families! Friends were made by all. We also had two successful fly fishing weeks this fall.  If you want to be sure to catch fish, join us for a family-friendly fly fishing week next year. We had visitors from all over the world. No matter where you join us from, it’s always a privilege to share our little corner of Montana with you. We closed off our guest season with a wonderful Adults’ Week–we had so much fun with it that we added an additional adults only week for 2019!


New Foals at the Ranch

Another highlight of our 2018 season are our 3 new foals on the ranch.  Our horses are an integral part of our ranch. Like all the horses at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, our 3 new foals are Appaloosas, which are known for their sweet temperament, mountain trekking abilities, and beauty. We are excited to welcome Blackmore, Palisade and Ramshorn to the ranch family. The foals are named after iconic places in the Gallatin Range, the mountains just on the other side of the Gallatin River. Kameron and Sally met in a conversation discussing the Madison and Gallatin Ranges.

Blackmore, a mare, is pictured to the left. Her mother is Apache Lady, another Nine Quarter Circle Ranch horse. Blackmore has a bald, white face and four white socks. Blackmore is named after a well-known peak in Hyalite that you can see from the Gallatin Valley.

Ramshorn is a stud, and his mother is Canadian Mist. He is brown and white with beautiful spots. Ramshorn is named after a peak visible from many trail rides at the ranch. You can summit Ramshorn Peak on a day-hike from the ranch, and we encourage you to do so!

Palisade is also a stud and his mother is Boo. He is mostly dark brown. Palisade is another mountain in the Hyalite area of the Gallatin Range. Palisade Falls is a popular waterfall in Hyalite.
Horseback riding is one of the main attractions at the ranch. We are very proud of our horses and are looking forward to a lifetime of fun and adventure with Blackmore, Ramshorn and Palisade!

We want to thank all of our guests for another great season here at the ranch. We will be thinking of our friends throughout the winter season and counting down the days ’til we see you again.
The Kelsey Family