Dare to Detour offers a curated experience, designed to support your needs and push you a little outta your comfort zone. Connect with who you are now, and rediscover your spirit of adventure, cultivate creativity & joy, and feel supported by authentic community.

We couldn't be more excited to join the Kelsey Family in welcoming you to the Nine Quarter Circle, where we've been leading Detours since 2017. Dare to Detour is for you if:

  • Despite "having it all," you feel disillusioned with daily life and your heart tells you something is missing - our retreat helps you feel centered and purposeful through an exploration of what matters most
  • You feel a lack of self-confidence, and crave self-care that goes deeper - with intention and love, our wellness community embraces and celebrates your natural beauty in body and soul
  • You feel weary from doing everything for everyone else and need the time and space to rediscover your own dreams and desires - offering the permission to pause, we care for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing through restorative, creative and grounding experiences
  • You feel like you set aside or lost part of yourself sometime in the past, and are eager to reconnect with it again - we invite you to adventure past your comfort zone, let go of the stories that no longer serve you, and rediscover your authentic identity
  • When: TBD for 2024
  • Where: 5 day / 4 night accomodations at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, including transportation to and from the Bozeman International Airport (Airfare NOT included)
  • Theme: ALIGNMENT - Our mornings will be devoted to exploring on horseback and experiencing ranch life, and our afternoon workshops will examine our theme of Alignment, facilitated by women who inspire us. Our hope and intention is that you find ways to more effectively align with your core values, to embody them and lead with love
  • Who: An intimate experience limited to 20 women, double occupancy primarily, with a couple single occupancy cabins available (we work to carefully pair our Darlings, with special attention given to sleep habits)

We applaud you for giving yourself permission to pause and make this investment in yourself. Now, more than ever, we need to step outside of our day-to-day, out of our comfort zones, so we can recharge and reconnect with ourselves in meaningful ways and continue to lead with strength and love.

September 2017 Retreat Gallery

  • Montana Dude Ranch
  • Montana Dude Ranch