The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is an incredible landscape with a diversity of wildlife and geological features that extend beyond the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.

We offer pack trips within the boundary of the park and in the surrounding wilderness areas. Trips within the park boundary require early planning.

You’ll need to schedule your trip in January and know how many people are joining the adventure. We’ll create an itinerary to meet your party’s needs. Or you can join us at one of our 10 backcountry camp locations, some of which are in the wilderness.

Experienced outfitters will guide you on these multi-day trips into some of the wildest and most beautiful areas of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Both trips afford wildlife sightings, stunning views and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Trips must be arranged by January 1 and have a minimum of 4 people.


*Additional $35/day due to USFS permits.

Week Dates
( Aug 7th – End of Season (check), 2022 )

Age Occupancy Period Price
Adult 15+ Single Weekly $3,100 each
Adult 15+ Double Weekly $2,575 each
Children 0-5 (with parents) - Weekly $815 each
Children 6-14 (with parents) - Weekly $2,195 each


  • Montana Dude Ranch
  • Montana Dude Ranch