The Changing of Seasons

Wildlife, Wildflowers, and Trail Rides are Just around the Corner.

The changing of the seasons is always welcomed by us at the Nine Quarter Circle.  Nature shows a different side of her personality, and every season sets a different pace for us at the ranch. Winter was full of snow, snow plowing, and moose visits. We busied ourselves with the construction of a new staff cabin, enjoyed phone calls from guests, and again, spent plenty of time clearing snow on the Taylor Fork Road. We still have a solid white blanket covering the landscape, but warmer weather is on its way.

The Taylor Fork is full of wildlife. In the winter, moose are the most frequent visitor.

Currently, the temperature is rising, the snow is melting, and the birds are starting to chirp. Bears are coming out of hibernation, squirrels are skittering around the forest, and fish will soon spawn in the upper reaches of the Taylor Fork River. These are signs that spring—while always delayed a bit for us in the Taylor Fork—is on its way, and summer will soon follow.  While we enjoy the quiet of winter, we always look forward to meeting our summer staff and preparing the ranch for each of you. By June 16th, the ranch’s opening day this year, the wildflowers will be showing off and nature will have quickly pivoted to the summer season.

Montana Dude Ranch hiking

While it’s still lightly snowing outside, and the airstrip has lots of snow to melt off, the days are soon approaching when this year’s mamas and foals will graze the green grass that is growing below winter’s blanket. Days filled with horseback riding and fishing, and nights filled with campfires and square dancing, are just around the corner.

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer season, and we’re excited to reconnect with old friends and make new friends as well. If you have a chance between now and summer’s beginning to say hello, please send us a note. We’d love to hear from you, and we hope the changing of the seasons is treating you as well as it is us.


The Kelseys