Yellowstone Wolves in the Winter: What to watch for, That you can see

Yellowstone Wolves in the Winter

When the temperatures drop, the 9 Quarter Circle Montana Dude Ranch shuts down for the season. But that doesn’t mean the wolves in the area stop doing what they do best: howling, prowling, stalking, and hunting. Ever since wolves were reintroduced into the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem approximately 20 years ago, they have grown in number to 400-450. Here are a few tips for watching Yellowstone wolves in the winter:

1. Visit in the month of January

Yellowstone Wolves in the Winter

While Yellowstone National Park has approximately 3 million visitors per year, only about 1% of them visit during the month of January. This means you can take advantage of the quiet atmosphere to keep an eye and ear out for these majestic animals.

2. View wolves from the valley

Yellowstone Wolves in the Winter

During the cold winter months, animals like bison, elk, and moose head toward the valley to graze—and the wolves won’t be far behind them! Lucky for you, this will make the wolves much easier to see, especially as you drive through the picturesque Lamar Valley.

3. It’s easier to sight-see in the snow

Yellowstone Wolves in the Winter

Since Yellowstone wolves’ coats are typically dark grey or brown, they will be even easier to spot in the white, snowy weather. They’ll stand out as they sit, walk, or run across the As a bonus, the snow and ice covering the already beautiful Yellowstone landscape will make for some absolutely stunning pictures.

While wolf watching in Yellowstone during the winter is certainly a highlight of the year in Yellowstone, we at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch can’t wait for you to come visit us next season to see what our exciting Montana Dude Ranch has in store. Book one of our specialty weeks of 2018 with us today!