2016 Grand Canyon Raft Trip

We’re back!
When your family works hard together, you also have to play hard together. At least, that’s our philosophy at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. We (the Kelseys) like to treat ourselves to some fun in between seasons, but we’re not really ones for sitting on the beach.
Montana Dude Ranch
This April, we embarked on our second annual Grand Canyon Raft trip and had a great time adventuring – but it wasn’t your garden variety vacation. Along with sixteen of our friends, we traveled 10-15 miles each day on the Colorado River, starting from Lee’s Ferry, Arizona, and ending up at Diamond Creek takeout, outside of Peach Springs in Arizona. Over the course of the three-week trip, our team of sixteen people floated 225 miles, explored tons of small slot canyons, and even discovered some waterfalls along the way.

Our days were definitely not spent idle. Every day, we packed up camp, rigged the rafts, boated all day, then found our camp for the night, unloaded our gear, made camp, and started on dinner. The funny thing was, during the trip, our family fell right into our comfort zone. At the ranch, we’re used to working side-by-side during our busy season, so when the time came for hard work, we knew the best way to stay on the same page was great communication and focus. That is, we definitely know from experience how to get stuff done.
But even if you love a good adventure, you still have to know when it’s time to just have fun. After all, that’s what vacations are all about! We definitely had a blast hitting the rapids, and found tons of ways to relax and enjoy the camping, food prep, and packing up, too. Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s important to enjoy these moments, too – partly because it’s the only way to stay sane when you’re spending so much time working together as a family, and partly because we like to think it makes us pretty strong as a family, too.
One thing that doesn’t hurt? Knowing that the place you’re experiencing is a part of the world that not many get to see. For some reason, we always find ourselves seeking out these types of places. Maybe it’s the Montana in us. Whatever the reason, can’t wait to start planning our family pack trip in the fall – that is, after another beautiful summer here on the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch.
We’re excited to see you this summer! Stay tuned.