2016 Fall Letter

Where does the time go? We’re still getting plenty of sunlight over here at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, but now there’s a bit of a bite to the air and the days are becoming shorter and shorter.  Around the ranch, as the leaves turn gold, we’re getting into our fall chores: moving the horses down […]

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The 2016 Foals Have Arrived

New baby horses! Summer is finally upon us, and it was totally worth the wait. We’re busy leading trail rides, hiking, barbecuing, and spending time with our guests, but in the meantime we thought we’d share an update with you about our new foals, born May 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. This year, our mares

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2016 Grand Canyon Raft Trip

We’re back! When your family works hard together, you also have to play hard together. At least, that’s our philosophy at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. We (the Kelseys) like to treat ourselves to some fun in between seasons, but we’re not really ones for sitting on the beach. This April, we embarked on our

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Meet the Irish Dream Team

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we’d introduce you to our four Irish-named foals. Like all our horses, they’re beautiful spotted Appaloosas. We love our Appaloosas because they’re just awesome horses — they were originally bred in this very area by the Nez Perce Native American tribe and are known for being naturally

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Yellowstone National Park on Horseback = A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Yellowstone National Park on Horseback | A Once in a Lifetime Experience One of the best parts about living in Montana is that we have the world’s first ever National Park right in our backyard: Yellowstone. The park, which is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, is also a World Heritage Site and designated bio-reserve,

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Anderson Cabin

But, change can be welcome in small doses. We recently completed a small “change” in our newly remodeled “Anderson” cabin! Originally two very small cabins, Anderson was created by Howard many years ago by connecting those and creating one large two-bedroom cabin. After many seasons of use, it was shuttered in 2009 until it could

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The Quilt Show

We are so excited to be able to announce that the episode of The Quilt Show” filmed here at last years Montana Cowgirl Quilt Retreat, will be ready for viewing for free, beginning Sunday, April 28th for one week! Alex and Ricky joined us here last year as our instructors, Charlotte Warr-Anderson and Georgia Bonesteel,

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Mule Deer Art

As some of you may know, we had a small fire in our Lodge in 2011 that damaged some of our historic mounts, including a 7×7 bull elk, a mountain lion rug and a mule deer. In addition to repairing the logs of the Great Room, we had to also have those mounts repaired. Due

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Montana Ranch Vacation

Ranch Store

Did you know that we expanded our store last year? Many of our long-time guests will recall that we’ve traditionally carried the requisite t-shirts, sweatshirts, china and a few other gift type items. Last year, we added a number of food items as well as some alcoholic beverages. So, now you can purchase your libation

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