Month: October 2017

  • Yellowstone Wolves in the Winter: What to watch for, That you can see

      When the temperatures drop, the 9 Quarter Circle Montana Dude Ranch shuts down for the season. But that doesn’t mean the wolves in the area stop doing what they do best: howling, prowling, stalking, and hunting. Ever since wolves were reintroduced into the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem approximately 20 years ago, they have grown

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  • Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone: Just because we’re closed doesn’t mean Yellowstone animals slow down!

      Visitors to our Montana Dude Ranch see Yellowstone come to life in the summer with horseback riding, fishing, birdwatching, and more. But that doesn’t mean winter is any less active and beautiful! Visitors to Yellowstone in the winter months will have a whole new set of wildlife activity enjoy—IF they know what to look

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