A Day in the Life… Day 3

The dark patches on Lincoln, just recently revealed by milder weather, are already disappearing back under their white mantles. And so proceeds March in Montana.
“Springtime in the Rockies” is a period of schizophrenic mood changes for Mother Nature. She is alternately gentle, warm and bright followed by angry winds, biting snow and sullen skies – often all in the same hour. However, the work at a Montana Dude Ranch must go on, regardless of Nature’s fickle moods. By this time, the winter snow pack is becoming sodden and heavy. The brief periods of above-freezing temperatures only serve to exacerbate the problem of weight on the many roofs around the ranch, when the just-melted snow refreezes to ice a few moments later. Having just wormed it’s way into every crevice, crack and cranny, the now frozen water expands joints and creates destructive water leaks inside the buildings. The increasing weight of snow and ice also begins to take it’s toll on supporting beams and poles, allowing roofs to sag ~ often in danger of collapse all-together.
Due to this, constant vigilance is necessary to prevent major damage to the many guest cabins, crew quarters, lodge and assorted out-buildings. Shoveling the snow and ice is nearly always the only recourse. In a few rare instances, as this picture shows, Jeff can “cheat” a little when he’s able to get the snow-blower on the roof!