More Memories

from Jane Roshborough Jackson:
December 16, 2010
Dear Kim and Kelly,
I recently found this picture from 1958 which I think was a family Christmas card or included a family letter that came to my family. I believe that is you Kim in the picture. I also remember being present at your baptism when we were at the ranch one summer. Maybe 1952 or 1954? It was held in a small chapel near the ranch. Is my memory correct?
I was Jane Rosborough then and we visited the ranch in the summer of 1952 and 1956 I think. There were several summers that our family spent at 9 Quarter Circle Ranch. I returned with my husband John and daughter Sarah in July of 1993. It was wonderful! We were there with the Coughlin’s from Missouri and Andris’s from Kentucky. We still send Christmas cards to this day!
When I was little I used to ride but once in awhile I used to get to ride with Howard, your father, if my horse whinnied and scard me. I also vividly remember Bonnie. Howard always used to ask me what made me so sweet and I would reply “naps”.
I remember Rocky and Sunny. Wonderful dogs that greeted all visitors to the ranch.
9 Quarter Circle Ranch is still my most favorite memory from childhood vacations. I alwasy wanted to be a cowgirl but knew I could never stand the winters there. I am so happy that the tradition continues the same way things were from the 1950’s. We rediscovered the magic with our daughter.
Hopefully someday we will return to the ranch. I Have so many wonderful memories from my time spent there.
I hope you enjoy this picture and will be able to include it in one of your scrapbooks.
Thanks for keeping us on your Christmas card list. I love seeing the pictures of your children and scenes at or near the ranch.
I know I have other pictures and letters from one of the cowhands that I saved and as I find them I will send some for your scrapbooks.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jane Rosborough Jackson
My parents were Jim and Pinky Rosborough