Yellowstone National Park on Horseback = A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Yellowstone National Park on Horseback | A Once in a Lifetime Experience
One of the best parts about living in Montana is that we have the world’s first ever National Park right in our backyard: Yellowstone. The park, which is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, is also a World Heritage Site and designated bio-reserve, but besides that – it’s just one of our favorite natural sanctuaries. With 67 species of wildlife, seven species of conifers, and approximately 10,000 geothermal features, there is literally no other place like it in the world.
Since Nine Quarter Circle Ranch is only 35 miles from the West Entrance of Yellowstone National Park, you can take a day trip through the park with a local tour group or on your own, anytime you stay with us. In one day, you can easily see Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, numerous geysers, and tons of wildlife right by the side of the road.
But if you’re a die-hard horse lover – and we think you are! – the best way to see Yellowstone’s beauty and wildlife is on horseback. Because of our exclusive permit to guide horseback tours in the park, we can offer you a unique kind of adventure on trails around Daily Creek, Tipi Creek, Bacon Rind, Fawn Pass, or Black Butte, just to name a few. Chances are good you’ll see elk, deer, bison, foxes, rabbits, or even bears – not to mention the incredible beauty of the Yellowstone wildflowers, trees, peaks, and vastly diverse landscapes.
Give us a call to see if we’re running a Yellowstone Horseback Special. During these specials you can enjoy two rides through Yellowstone during your stay. If you’re a dedicated rider who loves the thought of following trails just like trappers and indigenous people once did, these are the best times for you to spend with us. The rides are the real deal, spanning 10-15 miles over Montana and Wyoming terrain, and you’ll have guidance from Kameron Kelsey himself – a real cowboy who knows those parts like the back of his hand.
Want to know more? Give us a call! We look forward to answering your questions about the park, and we are just as excited as you are about heading over to Yellowstone this summer to do some of our favorite things – spend time in nature and hang out with the horses.