The "daily grind" isn’t really a thing here.

  • Riding is Therapeutic!

    Did you know that horseback riding isn’t only enjoyable, but therapeutic also?

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  • A Day in the Life… Day 4

    Well, Spring my be here according to the calendar, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.

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  • A Day in the Life… Day 3

    Blowing, drifting, falling snow greeted us this morning as we rose to face a new day.

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  • A Day in the Life… Day 2, pm

    As we learned in the a.m. portion of the day, it takes much time and effort to prepare a horse to be guest-worthy!

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  • Montana Memories

    I cannot tell you how much my Montana memories with you mean to me.

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  • More Memories

    I recently found this picture from 1958 which I think was a family Christmas card or included a family letter that came to my family.

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