The "daily grind" isn’t really a thing here.

  • The Quilt Show

    The Quilt Show, filmed at the Montana Cowgirl Quilt Retreat

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  • Mule Deer Art

    Another of the many tasks that our Foreman, Jeff, may be called upon to perform as part of his daily duties!

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  • Montana Ranch Vacation

    Ranch Store

    Get the essentials AND your gifts in our ranch store!

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  • Our Wilderness Neighborhood

    We are surrounded by wilderness areas here in MT. What exactly is a “wilderness”?

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  • Riding is Therapeutic!

    Did you know that horseback riding isn’t only enjoyable, but therapeutic also?

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  • A Day in the Life… Day 4

    Well, Spring my be here according to the calendar, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.

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