Riding is Therapeutic!

Of course, many long time riders discovered this early on in their life. And, many others have been aware of the therapeutic benefits, but there is recent scientific proof of this benefit. I just read an article in “America’s Horse”, by Andrea Caudill, that addressed this, and thought I’d share some of the pertinent points

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A Day in the Life… Day 3

The dark patches on Lincoln, just recently revealed by milder weather, are already disappearing back under their white mantles. And so proceeds March in Montana. “Springtime in the Rockies” is a period of schizophrenic mood changes for Mother Nature. She is alternately gentle, warm and bright followed by angry winds, biting snow and sullen skies

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Montana Memories

from Jane Volk: I cannot tell you how much my Montana memories with you mean to me. I think of so many things like: the book at the top of Mt. Lincoln; Cowboy Bob; Kim swearing at the &%#^%% horses (the highlight of the pack trips); bossy/lovable/noisy Jeff (how is he???); the Monday morning briefings

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More Memories

from Jane Roshborough Jackson: December 16, 2010 Dear Kim and Kelly, I recently found this picture from 1958 which I think was a family Christmas card or included a family letter that came to my family. I believe that is you Kim in the picture. I also remember being present at your baptism when we

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Family Dude Ranch

Well, there are many aspects to a great dude ranch vacation including the lodging, meals, scenery, hospitality, etc. However, we believe that one of the most important parts, especially for a family dude ranch experience, is the horses. Being able to match any age and personality to the best possible mount is essential. We here

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